REMLAB Web Mech Designer is a cross-platform web-based BattleMech and unit designer for the tactical board game Battletech. REMLAB is built entirely on HTML, PHP, and JavaScript with Ajax functionality.

REMLAB requires an Apache web server (locally or remotely) with the ability to process PHP 4/5 scripts.


In the mid-nineties I attempted to develop my own Mech editor with Visual Basic after being inspired by the popular editors of the time. Around the time I started developing web sites, I realized that a HTML form based Mech editor could be possible.

In late 2005 I completed the first version of REMLAB. The interface was pretty clunky and slow, but it did everything intended. The following year, I competed an improved version that included an Ajax style interface which fixed most of the clunkiness and made the program behave more like a real desktop application.

Source Material

The official source books that I used for reference were: The Compendium, Master Rules, Maximum Tech, Tactical Handbook, Solaris VII, BattleForce 2, and Total Warfare. As well as Battletech on Wikipedia, Battletech Wiki, and the official Battletech website.

Developed by March Twenty Productions and distributed on SourceForge.net.